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About us


We are Nadine and Peter, both from Zomergem (near Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium). After years of searching throughout Italy we fell in love with the wonderful region of Le Marche with its beautiful hilly landscapes, ancient villages and friendly people. 


It's always been our dream to live in Italy. By the end of 2009 we decided to buy an old farm in Ostra. Given the poor condition of the building, we were obliged to break it down and build a new construction. We've decided to realise 3 holiday apartments and thus Sotto La Quercia (under the oak tree) was born!


We welcome you with open arms and we will do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible!



Sotto La Quercia


Our domain of 4.000 m² is ruraly and quietly located in Ostra. It has the ideal location to make the most of the silence, without being isolated from the outside world. 

If you enter our strada bianca you will face a centuries-old oak tree. We consider this tree of over 400 years old one of the showpieces of our domain: he does not only give a monumental impression, but also ensures the necessary shade.  We also have a swimming pool, which is essential if you want to refresh yourself during the summer months. 

We own an olive grove with 39 trees of which we press our own olive oil annually. From your private terrace, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the olive groves and vineyards. There are also several spots spread across the garden where you can enjoy the views and sun! 


We wish you a very warm welcome!

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